What if AI + your data could help you make better decisions, every day?

At Storyhub, our obsession is improving the decision you need to make, with data.

While most ‘data companies’ start with the data, Storyhub invests to deeply understand the decisions that will make a difference. 

Decisions are about business, not data.

Understanding Your Industry

Organizations aren’t in the business of data, they do everything else. It may be selling basketball shoes, or health supplements, or banking or anything else.

At Storyhub, we invest in understanding your business, your sector, and the data, to ask the right questions that will inform better decisions.

With AI, Your Intelligence is ON

The trick with data has always been having the right data, at the right time. There’s always a bit of luck in it.

AI and data solutions that force you to ask the right question at the right time, mean that you’ll need to be lucky when the time comes to make a decision.

With Storyhub business awareness, our robots are asking all the right questions, every day, so you have what you need, right when you need it.

Stories gives you the SCOOP

Data or insights don’t mean anything until you understand them and can take action. This is where AI + data + storytelling come together to help you know and act, faster.

Given your busy running a business, making things Easy is critical.

Simple headlines, explained with Context, Operational aware, grounded in Objective dat and Proactive, that’s the SCOOP.

See if Storyhub has a solution for your industry.

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