Success is about being the best prepared person in the room.

With SmartBrief by Storyhub, you’ll have the intelligence briefing you need for every meeting with constituents, elected officials or business leaders. 

Being ready to be ready, made as simple as 1, 2, 3.

What you need, when you need it

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Prep Time: Discover how SmartBrief transforms endless data into concise briefings, freeing up your schedule for what truly matters.

Your Information, Your Way

Experience the power of personalization with SmartBrief. Our platform allows leaders to tailor their briefing documents to fit precisely what they’re looking for, ensuring every detail aligns with their specific needs and preferences.

It’s not just about being informed; it’s about having the right information in the right format, empowering you to lead with confidence and precision.

More than an intern, your partner in preparation.

Storyhub offers continuous feedback, data enrichment, and iterative improvements, transforming the way officials prepare. With a focus on precision and adaptability, we ensure your briefings evolve alongside your needs—delivering insights that are always a step ahead.

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