How much more are your Best Customers worth to your brand?

With higher CLV, your Best Customers fuel growth and profits for your brand. Powered by your Shopify data, Storyhub drives growth and profit by helping you Know, Attract and Protect more Best Customers, every day.

Growing more Best Customers made as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Know your Best Customers

Channels, clever content and tech don’t build your brand, your Best Customers spending more money do.

Retention is when real people choose your brand over countless look alike products cluttering their social feeds. It happens when they’re happy with their choice and decide to come back.

Knowing who your Best Customers are, their likes and dislikes, serving them well and earning their trust is the durable advantages brands need to thrive.

Attraction is personal.

Your efficiency of turning marking dollars into Best Customers is the limiter to growth.

Knowing your Best Customers is a superpower that lets you focus dollars on Attracting more customers like them.

The reality is that most new customers will never make a second purchase. The second purchase is the magic moment that takes a customer from costing money to making it.

Channels, messaging and products can all tweaked to tailor them to your Best Customers, versus anyone with a pulse and a credit card.

Protect the ones you love.

To state the obvious, the lifetime value of customers goes up when they stay longer and buy more.

The flip side of this is that customers have more choices than ever, and more than half will leave you after one bad experience.

To protect against this, their experiences are monitored in the data, so your team can save the day, and the CLV, before it walks out the door.

How would you like to know your Best Customers, Better?

In just a few clicks, you can put Storyhub to the test and let us introduce you to your Best Customers!