Can using personas lower your acquisition costs?

Introduction: In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, mid-sized brands often find themselves competing against industry giants with substantial resources. To thrive and grow in this highly competitive landscape, these brands must adopt innovative strategies that maximize their efficiency and minimize costs. One such approach gaining popularity is the use of personas to lower customer acquisition […]

Breakthrough Discovery: E-Commerce Customers Are Human Beings

Shocking Discovery Revealed: E-Commerce Customers are Actually Human Beings! In a stunning turn of events, a recent study has revealed that e-commerce customers are not robots or AI, but real human beings. The study, conducted by a team of researchers at and a leading university, has sent shockwaves through the e-commerce industry. For years, […]

Fans, missed shots and the missing e-commerce metric!

Are you missing the easy points you need for the win? The NCAA March Madness college basketball tournament highlights the significance of loyal fans and seizing opportunities. Victory is usually only by a razor thin margins. As fans of the UConn Huskies, Storyhub headquarters in Connecticut is thrilled that our men’s team is going into […]

CAC up, ROAS down, WTF!

As a DTC leader, you brand uses a dozen or more applications and deal with countless transactions, entries, and issues every day. And all that work generates the currency of the information age: data. It seems that everyone is talking about data. Big data, machine learning, analytics, and the possibilities of AI. While you get […]

Decisions Fuel – What Is It?

The success of any business comes from the decisions it makes and ability to execute them. The choices of what to do, and the team’s ability to do it. While true, at 50,000 feet of altitude, it’s a long way to the ground level where the rubber meets the road. It’s easy to say, but […]