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 Call it the 80/20 rule or the Pareto Principle, but your best customers fuel your growth. Your brands Shopify data holds the keys to knowing your Best Customer’s, better.
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Your Free Best Customer Audit Includes...

The Big Picture


Your free audit analyzed all of your e-commerce data, to discover and presents you with a view into your Best Customers.

From buying patterns, best channels and favorite products, you’ll have clearer view of the customers that love your brand and keep coming back.

And The People Behind Them

Cohorts and channels don’t buy your products, people do. With your free audit, AI will break your Best Customers into the personas behind them. Getting to know the Persona’s of your best customers helps you understand them, who they are, what they like and how they relate to your brand.

100% Secure

You can sleep well, knowing your data is safe with Storyhub. With a pedigree in banking & cybersecurity, we know the importance of trust. We will never sell or share your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because Storyhub will analyze all available data, the findings typically take a day or two. The limiting factors are the amount of data and the speed limitations on the Shopify API.

The audit works with Shopify, so it’s a simple app install from the Shopify App Store, so it’s just a couple of minutes.

There are no technical limits on the amount of data, however there are some caveats. If your store has too little data, we’ll follow up quickly to let you know that the findings won’t be that interesting. If there’s so much data, that it will take longer than 2 days, the Storyhub team will reach out and let you know.

Depending on your products, services and market, the data will find the positive outliers based on their lifetime value (CLV). If it’s a fixed price subscription business, then it will be the length of the subscribers, and if it’s a product business, it will hinge on order sizes and frequencies. In the end, we’re looking for those customers that are happy and keep coming back.

While there are no technical limitations, we don’t think having too many is helpful. While the numbers vary, a range of 3-8 is what we see most often.

 There’s no catch. Our mission is to help brands know their best customers, and the Best Customer Audit is part of how we do that.

 We’re glad you asked, and yes. The paid subscription to Storyhub makes our analysis continuous to provide tips on how to grow more Best Customers every month, and protect the ones you have. Please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss it.

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